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We strive to make your virtual work space as awesome as possible, and have given you two very good programs to choose from. WebEx and Microsoft Teams gives you endless possibilities on how to run your team, including chat, online meetings, virtual work spaces and whiteboards. The best thing? WebEx and Teams are always updating and improving, and we work to improve right alongside them. From upgraded network to cut down lag, to Teleconferencing devices in conference rooms across campus, to make the remote employees feel like they are in the room. Whichever option you deem best for your team, we guarantee you will not be disappointing.

We have all the tools necessary to get you started

WebEx: Getting Started

Check out our article to get you started using Cisco WebEx

Download Microsoft Teams

We include insturctions on how to download Teams, as well as videos on the different functions

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Having issues downloading Microsoft Teams, starting a WeEx Meeting, or unable to log in? We can help. Contact BlazerTech for assistance.