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There are a lot of great new features coming in the next iPhone update, iOS 13. There are so many, in fact, that I had to limit myself to only sharing a few of my favorites with you. You’ll need to read through this article to see them all.

If you hate robocalls as much as I do, I’m sure you will get just as excited by this solution as I did (and still am). The “Silence unknown callers” option does just what it says – silences unknown calls. With this option turned on, your iPhone will check your contacts (including mail and messages) for a matching phone number. If there is no match, the call goes straight to voice mail – you never even hear your phone ring! I would drop the mic here, but there’s more…

When I switched from Android to iPhone, I really missed the ability to swipe to type. It is so much quicker (although, to be honest, it does take some practice). But once you’ve got it, you’ll love it! I am soooo excited that Apple brought this awesome feature to iPhones.

Another VERY powerful tool Apple has provided iPhone users is the ability to set up shortcuts which allow you to build automations. I’ve built several for my phone so that when I’m driving, I can say a keyword or a phrase that prompts Siri to perform a series of actions I set it to do. This article has an example of what this functionality can do. In iOS 12, this was an application you could download, but in iOS 13, shortcuts will be built-in to the base functionality. You can use shortcuts to automate various things you would normally touch your phone to accomplish (like texting…while you are driving). With shortcuts, you can verbally direct your phone to type text that you dictate, repeat the text to you for confirmation, and then send your text (this is just one example of the many things you can do with shortcuts). There are tons of automation options – your imagination is truly the limit.

If you have an iPhone, you really should read though this list of enhancements and new features coming with iOS 13. These new features are so awesome that this writer wrote a summary of some of the best features (some of which I mentioned above) and why he now wants an iPhone.

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