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University Network Upgrade

Network Fail-over, Routing, Security and Monitoring.

Project Description

We have invested in new infrastructure and services to bring our campus network up to Enterprise level capacity.  Network components have been replaced so that none of the equipment is more than two years old.  We have quadrupled our bandwidth from 200 Mb/s to 800 Mb/s on the main campus.  To ensure the satisfaction of our on-campus students, we have brought in OARnet so that Netflix streaming will no longer be capped by our network speed.  We have built-in fail-over between the main campus and OCUBIC so that if our service provider goes down, we won’t be without internet.  There are new tools to track network issues so that we can create permanent solutions to resolve them going forward.  This has brought increased stability, better coverage, and better speed for everyone.

Project Details

Completion Date End of FY18
Impact Main Campus, OCUBIC

  • Quadrupling Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Netflix streams
  • Better WiFi coverage
  • Increased stability