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  • Cindi Celske
  • Brandon Ritchey
  • Ingrid Buch-Wagler
  • Michelle Blanton
  • Dustin Epperly
  • John Bocook
  • Tera Kuehne
  • Abbie Ailes
  • Ryan Noble
  • Robin Patrick
  • Several call-ins after the meeting started (not sure who they were)


John Bocook discussed the Sonis upgrade:

  • Going from 3.0 to 3.4.
  • Huge changes.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Everything we have built will have to be rebuilt. Every custom page is broken
  • June launch
  • July is fix for things that break
  • Hold off on change request
  • Will be declining stuff unless a critical break
  • Jenzabar fixed some things in Sonis, but changed a lot of things
  • Profiles are currently being updated
  • After June, will delete unused customizations
  • All recruiting functionality will be coming out of Sonis
  • The To-Do list will be decommissioned
  • Recruitment summary pages will be decommissioned
  • Reenvisioning other pages to make them more efficient and cleaner
  • The team working on the upgrade meet every Friday
  • We will launch test servers – John is really nervous because of the 3.0 upgrade – we need to do extensive testing and take it seriously.
  • Send out the Sonis34-Test link so everyone can see what is coming
  • Code freeze will occur next month. DA update will determine the exact date.
  • Jenzabar has been good for Sonis
  • Plan is for Sonis 3.4 by early August – which should be okay since all will have been rebuilt by then.


Amber started discussion points:

  • Constituent for donors only – Advancement not using constituent for what it was developed for (they are using RE instead). Start using “Inactive” for Staff and Faculty who are no longer here.
  • Discussion on multiple statuses – Alumni, Student, Applicant – Tera detailed definitions and how to handle these – cleanup in progress.
  • Discussed issue of Prospect to Applicant – Sonis is set up to automatically change prospect status to applicant status as long as you use Sonis the way it was designed. When following a different process (which Sonis allows), you have to manually choose to make that change.