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There is a new scam going around that is dangerous enough to warrant attention in a Friday Tech Tip.  Whether you own an Apple device or not, this information still applies because it details the things you should look for in ANY site you visit (especially sites that request your personal information).

We have all received scam emails at some point, but this one is particularly dangerous because it looks so legit and it’s hook is something we all have a kneejerk reaction to (charges on our account that we didn’t make). In the midst of the kneejerk reaction, we may miss the red flags and warning signs, so I wanted to take a few moments to warn you about this one.

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To learn more about the scam, read this article. You can see this and all previous tips on our IT portal, http://it.ohiochristian.edu/tips. If you have ideas for future Friday Tech Tips, let me know here.