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Based upon the tickets received by the helpdesk, the IT department has started building a knowledge base of instructional articles. This ever-growing site will provide instructional documentation on various topics and processes (such as “How to reset your password” and “How to set up your OCU email on your mobile phone”) – providing you with a helpful resource that is available anytime on any device with internet access. This site is one of the reasons we request that you open a ticket for every request. We mine your tickets to determine the need for KB articles.

You can find the OCU knowledge base site at https://it.ohiochristian.edu/kb. The knowledge base will continue to grow as we add new articles. If you have documentation that you feel would be beneficial to others, or if you have a need for an instructional document, please let me know and I’ll add it to the knowledge base site.

You can access this tip, as well as all previous tips on our IT portal, https://it.ohiochristian.edu/tips. If you have issues accessing the knowledge base site, please reach out to BlazerTech for assistance. Have ideas for future tech tips? Let me know here.