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The IT department is excited to announce that it has started the process of upgrading Sonis. This is expected to take about 3 months because the Dev team will be rewriting all OCU custom pages so that they work properly with the newest version of Sonis. During this time, the Dev team will not be accepting any non-critical requests – they will be focusing all their attention on recoding all these pages. If you discover a critical bug, please submit a ticket and it will be addressed, but non-critical requests will be denied until the upgrade has been completed and is live.

Audits are currently being conducted to ensure every user has the correct permissions for their positions. This audit is critical to ensure we are in compliance with FERPA (which states that users should only have access to data they need for business purposes). There are times when a staff member moves to another department. When this happens, the user’s permissions in Sonis need to be updated to ensure OCU remains in compliance (so please report these departmental or functional moves to the helpdesk). We are currently working through these audits with your department heads, so please do not be alarmed if you find that your permissions have been changed in Sonis. If you no longer have access to a page or a report you need, please contact your department head to discuss the need. The Department head will contact the helpdesk if it’s deemed the page is needed.

Another purpose for this audit is to identify custom pages and reports that are no longer needed. This will allow the Dev team to focus on rebuilding pages that are being used and disable pages that aren’t.  The disabled pages will be kept for 3 months to ensure they weren’t disabled in error. After 3 months, these pages will be archived (just in case it’s discovered, later on, that the page or report is still needed).

Once IT is ready for testing to start, requests will be sent out to department heads to identify and provide staff members who can thoroughly test the upgraded Sonis. As a department head, please be thinking of which staff member(s) you would like to represent your departments for testing the new system. You can send more than one staff member – and this is encouraged (especially if they serve different functions). We need every page and report to be tested as though you are actually using the system (so we can catch and fix all the bugs before we take the system live). Please notify your chosen staff members as soon as you can so they can start preparing articles for testing. If you are a chosen tester, please collect actual work material to use for your testing purposes (things like forms that you enter into Sonis, transactions that you post, reports that you run, etc.). As you perform your daily duties, put aside copies of things you think would be good to test in the upgraded Sonis. We need you to be prepared to try to break the system, so be prepared to enter erroneous data as well. This is the time to break it, if it can be broken. The more we test it, the fewer problems we will encounter when we go live.

Thank you all so much for your time, attention, and patience throughout this process. Your participation is essential and appreciated!!