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One scheme that scammers utilize relies upon our curiosity to ensnare us. The tactic is to ring your phone once and then hang up. The number is usually from another country, but they can also appear to be local. If we call the number back, they do whatever possible to keep us on the phone – meanwhile, racking up an expensive bill for those minutes spent on the call. To find out more about how the scam works (and ensure you don’t fall prey), read this article.

In iOS13, Apple provided a new feature that silences all unknown callers. If Siri cannot find the number in our contact list, email, texts, etc., it will reject the call. The caller will have the option of leaving a message, but your phone will never ring. To read more about this new iOS13 feature (including how to set it), read this article.

If your curiosity starts to get the best of you, you can always google the number to see what you can find out.

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