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I regularly see questionnaires on social media asking all sorts of fun, “get to know you better” types of questions (see example in the screenshot below). I also see all the responses that are posted by people wanting to get in on the fun. The sad thing is, once you put something out there on social media, you can’t take it back and you have no control over who sees it (especially when it gets shared beyond your friends list). Hackers love these innocent quizzes because they can use the answers to gain access to your accounts, steal your money, or even worse, steal your identity.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this or not, but a lot of those questions are used as security questions for sites you really don’t want hacked (like banks or sites you do business with). In fact, as harmless as your birthdate seems, it is one of the most dangerous to share (read this article). You also need to be aware of the ones that take you to another page to take the quiz. To read more about those, read the two linked articles below the screenshot.

The bottom line is this: it is much safer to read everyone else’s responses but keep your own to yourself.

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