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Blazertech offers a variety of services to support the teaching, research and public service goals of the Ohio Christian University. A few examples of these services include Network Services, Information Security, Support and Video Conferencing. Explore the many services provided on this page.

IT Services for Students

Academic Resources

Learn more about the resources you will rely on most during your time at OCU. These academic resources allow you to access your personal, academic, financial and course information.


If you already own a laptop, make sure it meets the minimum computer requirements. If you are buying a new computer, you should consider the educational discounts available from Apple and Dell. Students do not need to purchase Microsoft Office. The university provides Microsoft Office 365 free to all students and other software is available for free or at reduced prices.


The student email system is Microsoft Office 365 for Education

You can connect to the wireless network from your residence hall, any building on campus and outdoor spaces. If you live on campus, you can also connect to the wired network in your room.
Login's & Passwords

A guide to your University logins and IDs.

  • My Student ID (Sonis ID)
  • Network Logins (Office, Email, Computer Labs)
  • Reset Password

E360 is our online learning portal. IT supports the following functions. For any other E360 needs, please reach out to your advisor or professor.                                                       

  • Login
  • Navigating E360
  • Viewing grades
  • Opening student guides
  • Submitting to dropbox
Student Information Service (Sonis)

In Sonis, students are able to view their class schedule, grades, course evaluations, and financial aid information.

  • Login issues
  • Navigating Sonis
  • Course evaluations
  • Viewing grades

IT Services for Faculty/Staff

Development & Reporting

Departments are able to utilize OCU’s software development and reporting teams for system enhancements, application development and data science needs.

  • Application Development
  • SONIS System Integrations
  • Database Analysis and Security
  • External Data Unification
  • Solution Architecture
Networking & Internet

Network Operations installs, manages, and maintains a robust network infrastructure. You can easily connect systems to the campus network and securely access network based services and internet. We provide campus wired and wireless for students, faculty and staff, and multiple guest wireless networks.


IT manages the university communication systems and provides a wide range of services from office phones, voice mail, video and conference calling, cellular, and accessories.

Basic Service

  • Email Account
  • Telephone Service
  • Extension Change, Move, or Disconnect
  • Voice Mail
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom

Enhanced Services

  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Mass Mailing
  • Conference Calling
  • Video/Web Conferencing
  • Cellular Phones
  • Personal Direct Dial Number
Server & Storage

IT provides server and storage services through service agreements with offices and departments.

  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Network Storage
  • OneDrive
  • VPN Clients
Hardware & Software

Department Supervisors are able to order equipment, software, and accessories from the Information Technology department. Once a purchase request┬áis approved, an agent follow will up to verify order requirements. University data is not permitted on personal devices – a campus owned computer is required.

  • Computer and Accessory Ordering
  • Software
    • Microsoft Visio Licenses
    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Antivirus & Malware
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Adobe PDF DC

IT supports the following for Sonis

  • Login creation and permissions
  • Report creation
  • Course exports
  • Merging accounts
  • Lead reassignment

E360 is our online learning portal. IT supports the follow issues. Anything else should a Faculty Trouble Ticket in E360 under your AGS Community page.

  • Login issues
  • Course troubleshooting
  • Account creation
  • Granting Admin privileges
Office 365

Office 365 has wide range of software and features available.

  • Login issues
  • mailflow
  • OneDrive issues
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Mobile support

Supported Applications

Blazertech strives to provide the highest level of support and knowledge possible. We do this by limiting support to select applications and systems. Listed below is a comprehensive list. Departments are welcome to utilize other products with the understanding IT is unable to provide support for those not listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Skype for Business

For specialized software, such as statistical analysis programs, enrolled students should seek assistance from the faculty member teaching the course.